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I know it's kind of geekish, but here is some information on our upcoming Wedding May 12th 2007.

Updated 6/12/07

For all our friends and family. Thank you for sharing our special day with us. Here is some hopefully helpful information.

See some picture from our Caribbean Cruise on the link to the left..  

Place: Ford Yacht Club. Date May 12th, 2007

Time 4:00 pm Reception to follow

And Guest question. If you recieved an invitation for Mr. or Ms. please assume "And Guest" is intended. We did not get the extra card in the invitations for "and Guest" and Emily Post says its improper to add it to the envelope. So being the proper people we are; we didn't. Please bring your main squeeze.

Remember the Free Bridge on Grosse Ile will be closed. See map for alternative Bridge ($1.50)

 The first piece of information our pictures of the Bishop's Cottage Bed and Breakfast on Grosse Ile. 
 They have only 4 rooms, and they get booked early, so if interested...
Phone number.  734-671-9191. $98 or $125 for private bathroom.

The other option is the Pilot House next to the airport.  It $80/night.  7 rooms private bath. 734-671-2295
More options - Holiday Inn 734-362-0933

My original web site. Picture of our European Vacation are on the site as well.

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